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What’s going to move markets?

After possibly one of the toughest years for financial markets in half a century, what’s next?

Decelerating growth, tighter liquidity and trade tensions suggest the ride could get even bumpier - but bonds are providing little shelter, meaning portfolio construction won’t get any easier from here. Effective diversification, selectivity and the judicious use of specific problem solvers are likely to be crucial.

Several key themes could influence your investment journey, including the deepening of Europe’s differences, the deterioration of the US cycle and the need to distinguish between individual emerging markets. Knowing how and when to exploit them, defend against them or simply ride them out could be the difference between success or failure.

As a true pathfinder, we believe we can be your guide to key themes our research team believes will come to define 2019. And, because these themes will evolve over time, you can sign up to be alerted when we add new content.

Is it time for less Europe, not more Europe?

In the context of Brexit, rising populism and a growing North-South divide, we asked Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, Chairman of Societe Generale and former ECB banker, to give us his thoughts on the future of the euro “project”. Has the dream died?
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As tenacious pioneers, we helped shape the ETF market as you know it today. As true ETF believers, we'll be there to shape it for tomorrow too. This is our story.

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